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Portrait by Louise Pragnell, <br>oil on canvas 80x90, 
                                             <br>Firenze, 2006 <br> www.louisepragnell.comStudio, Firenze, 2007.Studio, Firenze, 2007.

Nebojša Aleksić was born in 1973 in Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia, where he made his first professional steps. Aleksić concluded his studies of fine painting at the famous "Academy of Fine Arts" in Florence under the mentorship of Professors Dargomirescu and Stefanon. His long-term engagement in the field of visual arts stretches from painting to graphics, design, photography and sculpture.

Aleksić's works had so far been exhibited at manifestations such as traditional Serbian exhibition "May's salon" in the Museum of 25th May, "Exhibition of Miniature Art" in the famous Singidunum gallery and "Spring's salon" in the Old Captains' House, all in Belgrade, as well as during the annual "Premio Felice Casorati" exhibition held in Turin, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain.

Poetic expression of Aleksić's work is considerably inspired by the strong expressions of action painting of artists such as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Pierre Soulages, but also by the heritage of abstractly-emotional analysis from Vasilij Kandinskij and Paul Klee all the way to Huan Mirò and Mark Rothko. The authenticity of Aleksić's personal creative expressions, however, inprints a strong and recognisable mark to all his works.

As of 2005 Nebojša Aleksić lives and works in Florence, Italy.


Portrait by Louise Pragnell,
oil on canvas 80x90,
Firenze, 2006


Mob:+39 347 52 42 0 32 e-Mail: studio@aleksicnebojsa.com

(C) Nebojsa Aleksic 2007